jwtDecode – How to decode a JWT token… from the console

How to decode a JWT token directly from the console

How many times a day you go to jwt.io just to paste a JWT token and decode it?

With this devtools plugin you can finally decode a JWT token directly from your console.

Just type these two lines:



A JWT token is a string that can be used to authorize a user for accessing APIs.

Today it is one of the most used technologies to implement session-less web services.

The power of a JWT token resides in 3 things:

  1. a jwt token is signed (using a password known only by the backend) and cannot be modified;
  2. the front-end can inspect the token data easily
  3. it's easy to debug by a human

With this plugin you can inspeft any JWT token with a line of code.

Use case #1: decode a JWT token saved in the localStorage

Usually in a webapp, when a user logs in successfully the HTTP response returns a token.

When the token is a JWT, usually it resides in the localStorage and is saved with a name similar to TOKEN.

In this scenario, you can easily inspect the token with this code:


How to decode a JWT token in the localStorage

Use case #2: inspect the JWT token metadata (the header)

A JWT token header contains several information about:

  • the token algorithm used to sign the content
  • the expiration date
  • the issuer of the token

To inspect the token header just type:


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The jwtDecode plugin and the whole ReDevTools projects are open source.

You can find the source code of this plugin at


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