jwtDecode – How to decode a JWT token… from the console

jwtDecode – How to decode a JWT token… from the console

How many times a day you go to jwt.io just to paste a JWT token and decode it?

With this devtools plugin you can finally decode a JWT token directly from your console.

re.jwtDecode in action – straight into your console

Just type re.jwtDecode(JWT_token) and it will parse the token for you. Easy and straight from your console.

Use case: decode a JWT token saved in the localStorage

It’s quite easy: re.jwtDecode(localStorage.TOKEN)

That’s all!

Parsing the token header

If you need to parse the token header to have more information about the metadata, you can simply type re.jwtDecode.header(THE_TOKEN)

This plugin is open-source

You can find the plugin at


How to install this plugin

To use this plugin, you just need redevtools installed (npm install redevtools + redevtools.init() in your code ). See the docs for more info about how to install redevtools.

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