Tailwind Devtools Inspector - How to quickly edit tailwind classes and apply tailwind templates - no install - already in your console

tailwind devtool - the most ambitious tailwind devtool out there - open source - no install

Update Feb 2022

After almost a year, here we are with a new and improved version of the tailwind devtool:

  • completely rewritten
  • no-install: you don't need a Chrome extension anymore since you already have it in your console (see below)
  • blazing fast

The best part of this new version is that you don't need to install it.

Just type import("//r8s.io") in the console, then ALT + t (or Opt + t on a MAC)

Then start inspecting: use the keyboard or better use your mouse (fast fast fast with the scroll wheel ;-) )

Why a tailwind devtool

Tailwind is a great technology, but it can be hard to approach it for the first time:

  • Chrome does not suggest Tailwind classes
  • Remembering them can be difficult

The problem with Tailwind and Chrome

Chrome does a great job to help you edit styles and elements and see changes live in your browser. Unfortunately, when using Tailwind, you have classes with fixed colors and sizes: it is difficult to edit them from the Style Element Panel. The style panel is designed to edit CSS rules rather than “class rules”:

Infinite color values vs Tailwind discrete values - Chrome CSS inspector VS Tailwind

We need a tool to work with discrete values.

Tailwind Devtools Inspector is an extension that lets you solve this problem.

And best of all, it is available from your console without installing anything

Quick Install

Tailwind devtools Inspector can be accessed from your console.

It is part of redevtools, so you don't have to install anything: just type this snippet in your console:


and you're ready.

To enable the inspector you can type ALT + t (or Opt + t on a MAC).

Remember: to enable redevtools you just have to type import("//r8s.io") in your console, but if you want it already available at page startup, then add this snippet into your project:

// on the development environment
if(window.location.href.indexOf("localhost") >= 0){ //customize it to your needs
document.head.appendChild(document.createElement("script")).src = "//r8s.io"

That's all.

Always-on mode

If you are a mouse GUI and don't like using the ALT + t / Opt + t hotkey, then we got you covered. There is a quicker always-on mode: type:

re.tailwind() // enable/disable always on mode

and you'll see a small little icon close to any element to quickly edit it without using the keyboard.

Tailwind devtools always-on mode

It may seem disturbing at the beginning, but you'll love it after a few minutes!

The Tailwind Devtools Inspector main features

So here we are: a tool into your console to speed up your work with Tailwind.

Main features:

Preview and add classes on any element

Preview and add classes on any element

Autocomplete for tailwind classes

Autocomplete for tailwind classes

Easy with your mouse and keyboard

To switch between classes you can go UP and DOWN with your keyboard. Or you can use your mouse wheel and see changes instantly:

Quick preview tailwind class changes with the mouse wheel

Jump to parent, child element

You can use the breadcrumb to quickly jump to the parent element or one of the children Tailwind jump to the parent or one of the children

And more

  • open-source (GitHub)[https://github.com/butopen/redevtools/tree/main/packages/tailwind-devtools-inspector],
  • free
  • lightweight: 8KB gzipped - just the essential bits needed to let you work faster with Tailwind.


Tailwind Devtools is open source. You can contribute to the project in several ways:


  • Suggest improvements or problems
  • Help with coding through GitHub

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