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Getting started

ReDevTools is a simple script maintained by the open source ButOpen community.

It is built from index.ts at Feel free to inspect it at r8s and the source is available at

Use it from the console

Open the devtool and type the following code into the console:


and you're done.

Available plugins

Extends the browser devtools with custom plugins directly from your localhost.

tailwind devtools inspector - Edit tailwind classes in seconds



json2ts - Transform an object to a TypeScript interface


jwtDecode - decoding a JWT token


(Optional) Add it to your project

You can add it to your project (for example only when you're on localhost).

To enable redevtools in your development environment you can add this snippet into your project:

if(window.location.href.indexOf("localhost") >= 0){
document.head.appendChild(document.createElement("script")).src = "//"

That's all.